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Majestically set on the top of a hill overlooking the northern parts of the Manyoni big five reserve, sits Mavela lodge, and her exceptional tented rooms.


Our team designed the interiors and layout of these beautiful suites, all encased in grey toned oak wood. From the luxurious super king beds to the chiselled-out coffee tables and tea boxes, natural elements were the key foundation to pulling luxury through to tented rooms. The weaver’s nest was the inspiration for the design. This can be seen in the coarsely woven rattan bathroom screens and inlays on the side pedestals. The slight hints of green that resembled freshly torn palm fronds for nest building , that get pulled through on the patio, to the circular hanging lights, side table and entrance rug. All thoughtfully intertwined, creating an experience to remember.


Waking up in luxury to a 180-degree view of the valley, makes this an African dream.


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