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This family run business has been such a rewarding job to be a part of. We have mainly worked on a consulting basis with the owner, giving our suggestions and ideas to spruce up an existing Spar that hasn’t had many changes done. The energy from him and his team have been phenomenal, as well as the trust and friendships that have been built. The coffee shop was the main area needing some help. We did this beautiful semi home/industrial look with the metal scalloped entrance wall, and then the dark botanical wallpaper, all beautifully South African designed and made.

We up-cycled and accentuated existing furniture pieces he owned, and repainted both in the Spar as well as the TOPS with a more modern colour palette.

Everything is hand-picked and put together and sentimental, down to the horse shoe on the coffee shop wall from a very special horse, who belongs to a personal friend of mine.


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